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ModeShape moves to Git

The ModeShape project’s official source code repository is now at GitHub:

We’re adopting the Fork+Pull method of development. The basic idea is that you first fork the “official” ModeShape repository on GitHub. Then, you do all your development locally, push your proposed changes into your fork, and generate a pull-request describing your proposed changes. The ModeShape committers will review and discuss your changes and pull them into the “official” repository (using this process).

For details on this process, see our ModeShape Development Workflow article. We’ve started a discussion thread for any questions or lessons learned. We’ll hopefully improve the documentation in the coming days and weeks. And to learn more about Git, we recommend the following resources:


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Announcing ModeShape 2.4

I’m happy to announce that ModeShape 2.4.0.Final is now available in the JBoss Maven repository (under the “org.modeshape” group ID) and our downloads page. We’ve updated our Getting Started GuideReference Guide , and JavaDoc.

Like the last release, we focused 2.4 on bug fixes and minor improvements. We’ve had great help from our community putting ModeShape through its paces. Many thanks to the ModeShape community of users and contributors, who have (once again) shown what a fantastic and active community can do in a very short time!

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ModeShape is

a lightweight, fast, pluggable, open-source JCR repository that federates and unifies content from multiple systems, including files systems, databases, data grids, other repositories, etc.

Use the JCR API to access the information you already have, or use it like a conventional JCR system (just with more ways to persist your content).

ModeShape used to be 'JBoss DNA'. It's the same project, same community, same license, and same software.