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More on federated repositories

Interesting post by Mark Little, which talks about the benefits of a federated repository and compares it with the way in which the human brain stores stuff. Cool stuff. DNS works in a similar way. Now throw in how Git works, and things get really interesting.

I really hope that this is where JBoss DNA federation is heading. Go to your DNA federated repository, and let it get the information from the system that has it. Obviously that’s not the complete federation story, so we have more to do. For example, we need more connectors so that a DNA federated repository can access information from other DNA or JCR repositories (in addition to other systems).

But I think that our core architecture and caching strategies will let us grow into these much larger and much more interesting scenarios.


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Presenting JBoss DNA at the St. Louis JUG on Nov 13

I’ll be presenting JBoss DNA at the next St. Louis Java Users Group meeting on November 13th. More information about the talk and the venue is here.

If you’re in the area, stop on by for the free event. And who knows, I might even be giving away some JBoss goodies.

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ModeShape is

a lightweight, fast, pluggable, open-source JCR repository that federates and unifies content from multiple systems, including files systems, databases, data grids, other repositories, etc.

Use the JCR API to access the information you already have, or use it like a conventional JCR system (just with more ways to persist your content).

ModeShape used to be 'JBoss DNA'. It's the same project, same community, same license, and same software.