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ModeShape showcase at Red Hat Summit and JBoss World

The annual Red Hat Summit and JBoss World conferences are being held next week in Boston, and there will be a lot to see. Of special note, however, is the mobile sweepstakes trivia game put together by CityTech to demonstrate how to easily create a highly available and scalable application using JBoss technologies.

Along with using JBoss AS6, RESTEasyHornetQ, RHQ, and CirrAS, they’re using ModeShape and JCR API to access the highly-scalable Infinispan data grid. Server components are deployed to Amazon Web Services, while users interact with the game using a web interface and native iPhone and Android clients.  Check out Jeff Brown’s blog and Tom Kelly’s blog for the implementation details.


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Next up: JCR 2.0

For some time now we’ve talked on our IRC channel when we should make the switch to the JCR 2.0 API, and lately there’s been more and more interest in it.  We took a look at our roadmap, and figured out a way to shift our planned releases and get on to the 2.x line sooner than later. We solicited feedback from the community, all of which has been very positive.

Therefore, ModeShape’s next release will be 2.0 and will use the JCR 2.0 API. We tried to design ModeShape so that its components were compatible with the JCR 2.0 features.  For example, our node type management, query support, binary values all based upon the JCR 2.0 draft specification that has since been finalized, so much of our work involves updating the interfaces, adding support for several smaller features introduced with JCR 2.0 (e.g., weak references, identifiers, etc.), tweaking implementations of features that changed between JCR 1.0 and 2.0 (e.g., versioning, observation, etc.), and updating our documentation.

We plan to release ModeShape 2.0 in the next 3 weeks, so stay tuned!

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ModeShape is

a lightweight, fast, pluggable, open-source JCR repository that federates and unifies content from multiple systems, including files systems, databases, data grids, other repositories, etc.

Use the JCR API to access the information you already have, or use it like a conventional JCR system (just with more ways to persist your content).

ModeShape used to be 'JBoss DNA'. It's the same project, same community, same license, and same software.