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ModeShape 4.0.0.Alpha2 is available

The ModeShape community is very proud to announce the immediately availability of our second 4.0 pre-release, ModeShape 4.0.0.Alpha2. The JARs and other artifacts are available in the JBoss Maven repository and in our downloads area, and will be soon in Maven Central. See our Getting Started guide for details.

Thanks to our whole community for the work that’s gone into this release!

What’s new?

This alpha release contains a handful of fixes plus 2 new features: support for the JCR Event Journal API and the ability to manage explicit index definitions and providers via configuration files and a programmatic API. This will help to make ModeShape 4 have a much better query functionality that will make use of specific indexes for the queries you’re actually using. No longer will ModeShape have to update indexes for property values that you’re not using in queries. And, while Alpha2 does not yet have any index providers, we’ve already started on them so that you’ll be able to store indexes locally (on the file system or in Lucene) or even in a separate clustered search system such as Solr and ElasticSearch. The query engine is ready to start using the indexes, though.

Alpha2 also includes some of the bigger changes that were in Alpha1, including simpler clustering. ModeShape will now automatically piggyback on the Infinispan clustering configuration, and nothing clustering-specific is needed in the ModeShape configuration. We’re also improving how ModeShape tracks events so that it’s far easier and less time-consuming to have processes (re)join the cluster.

As with Alpha1, Alpha2 uses Infinispan 6.0, and that comes with improved performance and several very attractive cache stores, especially the one for LevelDB. And ModeShape 4.0.0.Alpha2 can now deploy on Wildfly 8.0, making it very easy for your applications to simply look up and use repositories that managed using Wildfly tooling and configuration.

What’s next?

We plan to issue more alpha releases about every 3 weeks until we’ve completed all features, at which point we’ll start issuing beta releases that fix any issues that will come up. When the codebase is stable and ready for a release, we’ll start issuing candidate releases and ultimately a final release.

So our next step is to add index providers for the file system and Lucene, and to then start putting the whole new query system through its paces. If anyone is interested in helping us with index providers for Solr and ElasticSearch, please let us know; without some contributions they will likely be available in 4.1.

We’ve also been working on a brand new and faster event bus, which we’re really excited about. That’s been tested, but will first show up in Alpha3. Stay tuned for a blog post about it.

What can you do?

Although this is an alpha release not suitable for production, we’d really appreciate the community picking up this release and at least putting it through the basics. Try it out and see how Infinispan 6 works, how much faster it is, and try one of the new and high-performance cache stores. Try out ModeShape in Wildfly 8. Give queries a whirl, and let us know if there are any queries that worked in 3.x no longer work in 4.x; remember they’ll probably be slower than in 3.x because we don’t have any indexes yet.

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a lightweight, fast, pluggable, open-source JCR repository that federates and unifies content from multiple systems, including files systems, databases, data grids, other repositories, etc.

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ModeShape used to be 'JBoss DNA'. It's the same project, same community, same license, and same software.



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