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New sequencers

We’ve been making a lot of great progress on JBoss DNA lately. We’re getting a lot of interest, and several folks have stepped forward to contribute new sequencers and to work on various components. So in addition to the image sequencer that came with the 0.1 release, the codebase (in trunk) now has sequencers for:

  • MP3 audio files, contributed by Stefano Maestri
  • General XML files, contributed by John Verhaeg
  • Microsoft Office files, including general metadata for all documents and detailed information for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, contributed by Michael Trezzi
  • Java source files with annotations, contributed by Serge Pagop
  • JCR CND files, contributed by Dan Florian

Several of these are still in progress, but they’re coming along quickly. A couple of them are relying on some upcoming enhancements to the sequencing framework, so that’s got to be done first.

Stefano has also been working on another sequencer for JBoss ESB messages, which should be really cool.

We have lots of other ideas for sequencers. Do you have any suggestions? If so, let us know.

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