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Using JIRA and Eclipse

The JBoss DNA project is using JIRA for its issue and task management system. I’ve not used JIRA before working on JBoss DNA, but I definitely like what I’ve seen so far. And, like many other Java developers, I’m using Eclipse as my development environment. In fact, I’ve used it for years and have even developed quite a few plug-ins during my earlier days at MetaMatrix and Revelytix. Needless to say that Eclipse works for me.

So it was only recently that I’ve had the opportunity to really try out the Mylyn task-oriented tools that are included in the 3.3 (Europa) release of Eclipse. After just a few days, I have to admit that I’m impressed.

If you’re already working with some task management system, then right off the bat Mylyn does the obvious: it allows you to view, edit and create new JIRA, Trac, or Bugzilla tasks directly from within Eclipse. The Mylyn forms are all customized to your particular task repository, making them very usable. You can also create lists of tasks (e.g., “My open tasks” or “All open issues”) that are kept in sync with the repository. Sure there are some things that Mylyn doesn’t do that the web-based JIRA interface does much better. But some things are just as easily done in Eclipse – like reviewing an issue, adding a comment, or even resolving an issue.

But the real gem of Mylyn is that you can focus your environment on the task at hand. Just activate the task you want to work on, and Mylyn tracks what source files you read, change, and create. Mylyn uses this information (what it calls the task’s “context”) to do useful things that make your life much easier.

First of all, Mylyn adds a mode to the “Package Explorer” view that shows only those resources that are part of the current task’s context. As you add or edit or create files, they are automatically added to this context. When you switch to a different task, Mylyn switches the view to show that task’s context. I find myself switching tasks frequently, so this feature has been invaluable.

Second, Mylyn integrates with your team plugin to automatically track the changes you’ve made as a change set. The name of the change set is based upon the task name, so it’s easy to keep track of uncommitted changes. Also, when you commit the change set, the comment is prepopulated with the task information so that you’re changes in the SCM system can be linked back to the JIRA, Trac or Bugzilla task.

In short, Mylyn make me feel a little more productive, and that I have a better handle on the things I have to get done. Gotta like that.

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